In the fall of 2012 I protested the talk of young atheist, Jessica A., who came all the way from Rhode Island for the Constitutional Day to our high school to promote her case. She was successful in making her high school take down a prayer hanging on the wall. I am not sure if the students understood her dialectical materialism when she claimed that by taking away their right she is protecting their rights. She also started to agitate for her opinion – before she was stopped, perhaps because of my presence – that the word God should not be in the Pledge of Allegiance.

I demanded that if the school brings an atheist to present her misuse of 1st amendment then next time they should bring someone who truly defends freedom of speech and freedom of religion. That has not happened yet.

Another disturbing aspect of this is that the permission slip stated only date, place and sponsoring department, other fields were blank.

I demanded that any future communication with parents requiring the signature had to have detailed information. To my knowledge this issue has not been addressed.