Common Core State Standards (CCSS), despite the name, are actually a federal takeover of education.  They were adopted by Illinois before they were written. I believe that our district was potentially in a bargaining position not to go along with untested standards  when state owes us money. While not recognizing CCSS for what it is, our district also participated in Helmsley Project where it actively supported what turns out to be an ideological federal tool.

From the mouth of the architect of common core David Coleman:

“…teachers will teach towards the tests. There is no force on the earth to prevent that.”
“…we’re composed of that collection of UNQUALIFIED people who were involved in developing the common standards.”
Also listen to his rant about data beginning at 3:30.

Among many CCSS problems:

  • It is unfunded. With the goal to make all schools “equal”, it will result in redistribution of all resources, beginning with tax $$.
  • Yielding power to federal government, every decision will eventually be made at the top and thus leading to the elimination of the local school boards. It will stall any innovation. It will take away any freedom left in our schools.
  • As colleges and all tests align with CCSS it will force private schools and homeschoolers to do CCSS too, eventually leading to elimination of both.
  • Massive data gathering have people questioning how these will be used.
  • Teaching to the tests takes true meaning of teaching out of schools. It is opposed by students and teachers alike.
  • “Rigorous” CCSS education means that by the end of high school students are ready for a 2-year community college, not a 4-year college.
  • As we have witnessed in our district, it leads to an exodus of (good) teachers.
  • Atheistic ideology is heavily reflected in social/political agenda, environmentalism, demoralization of students, history.